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It has arrived! For those who don’t like going under the knife or using fillers, Plasma Pen is the best cosmetic technique to eliminate wrinkles and sagging skin. As we become older, our skin’s dermal layer gets thinner, our collagen production decreases, and our skin loses its flexibility. Skin sagging and wrinkles are caused by this.  Unlike conventional fillers or plastic surgery, the Plasma Pen may treat a broad range of skin issues, including wrinkles, sagging, and loss of elasticity to name a few.

Forehead & FrownR1800 Save R500
Upper Eyelid LiftR1500
Lower Eyelid LiftR1500
Upper & Lower Eyelid LiftR3000
Top LipFlipR1200
Bottom LipflipR1200
Top & Bottom LipflipR2000 Save R400
Nasolabial Fold Lift (Smile lines)R1000
Jaw LiftR2000
Full Face LiftR7000
Neck LiftR3000
Chest LiftR4000
Hands LiftR2000
Knee LiftR2000

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